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CivilianProgram Undfted

Patrol rifle
Semi-automatic pistol
Midrange carbine
Team tactics
Single entry

Two Seventeen's Program Undefeated is a five day course for civilian and/or active duty military with an emphasis on asymmetrical training to survive a life threatening incident.

Program Undefeated focuses on solo and team engagements to neutralize threats in a variety of situations. Solo engagements are stressed to condition and win a variety of situations including but not limited to room entry techniques. Team engagement are done for the same reason but with their own set of tactical and safety realities.

Combining the knowledge of solo, team and asymmetrics is the foundation of Program Undeated. The course involves classroom, range and force-on-force scenario training delivered in a progressive order.

Range Work
Team Tactics
/ Hosting Program Undfted

See Two Seventeen's in-depth guide for those interested in sponsoring or hosting Code 217 at your facility. Please contact us for more info and download the above Hosting PDF.