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Cage Code: 80G28

The definition of asymmetrical warfare that is between opposing forces which differ greatly in military power and that typically involves the use of unconventional weapons and tactics (such as those associated with guerrilla warfare and terrorist attacks). Adversary seek to find vulnerabilities in their victims whether that be individuals, families, businesses, platoons or Nation State. Training to respond to every situation uniquely is the end result of asymmetrical self-defense training.

Code 217 trains clients holistically with real world approaches vs the range only mentality of safety over practicality. Example: If you cannot point a firearm up on a range how can you practice the most effect reloads or entry techniques? One cannot.

"Every battle is won before it’s ever fought" Sun Tzu is correct, preperation is of the up most importance in war and self-defense is a war. Train in ways others are not. Train to win. Train asymmetrically with Code 217.

Conus/Oconus specialization and categories for service require verificaiton through GSA administrative policies.

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We provide US government & NGO clients with the confidence and skill set to conduct their business anytime and anywhere.